Welcome to Introduction to French! 
This is a semester long class for beginners.  Most 6th graders take this class.  Don’t be intimidated by learning another language; we are going to have a lot of fun over the next semester.  By the end of the class, you will have a good, basic foundation of the language.  It will help you if you choose to take the high school-level French I class in 7th grade.
The following is a week-by-week pacing guide of the class, including all vocabulary lists and worksheets:


Weeks 1-2

– Introduction to class

– Getting to know someone vocabulary

– French culture


Weeks 1 -2 Vocabulary:

Vocabulary List 1StudyStack

Weeks 1-2 Worksheets:

WS1 – Why is it important…  WS2 – Dialogue  WS3 – Toi-Vous

Weeks 3-4

– French culture (continued)

– Francophone geography


– Introduction to the Alphabet


– Quiz 1

Weeks 3-4 Worksheets:

WS4-Cultrual comparison Chart

Weeks 5-6

– Numbers 0-31

– Months

– Days of the week

– How to write out a date

Weeks 5-6 Vocabulary:

Vocabulary List 2StudyStack

Vocabulary List 3StudyStack

Vocabulary List 4StudyStack

Weeks 5-6 Worksheets:

WS5-Numbers Packet  WS6-Bingo  WS7-Months  WS8-Holidays  WS9-Dates

Weeks 6-7

– Calendar Project : Students will create a year long calendar in French labeling months of the year, days of the week, and writing the number of each day. Students will label all Egyptian holidays as well as French holidays. Students will draw an image representing the month and label each part (example for summer- the sun, a beach, water, etc. all will be labeled in French.

Quiz 2

Weeks 6-7 Worksheets:

WS10-Calendar  WS11-Quiz 2 Review

Weeks 8-9 

– Body Parts Vocabulary

– Articles

Weeks 8-9 Vocabulary:

Vocabulary List 5StudyStack

Weeks 8-9 Worksheets:

WS12-What Are Articles?  WS13-Articles  WS14a-Parts of the Body  WS14b-Parts of the Body  WS15-Body Parts

Weeks 10-11 

– Animals Vocabulary 

– Flash Card Project

Quiz 3

Weeks 10-11 Vocabulary:

Vocabulary List 6StudyStack

Weeks 10-11 Worksheets:

WS16-Vocabulary List 6  WS17-Animals  WS18-Flashcard Project

Week 11-12

– Articles (continued)

– Items in a Classroom Vocabulary

Weeks 11-12 Vocabuary:

Vocabulary List 7StudyStack

Weeks 11-12 Worksheets:

WS19-More Articles  WS20-Classroom Synonyms

Weeks 13-14 

– Colors Vocabulary

– Adjective Placement

Quiz 4

Weeks 13-14 Vocabulary:

Vocabulary List 8StudyStack

Weeks 13-14 Worksheets:

WS21-The Color Spectrum  WS22-Adjective Placement  WS23-Colors Crossword  WS24-Colors/Classroom Puzzles

Weeks 15-16 

– Review for Test

–  Test


Extra Resources

Printable Flashcard Template

World Food Program Webquest

Introduction to Languages Activity


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