Madame Barrilleaux


+1 985.351.1346

Bonjour! My name is Amanda BARRILLEAUX and I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. I have taught French, Spanish, English, and English as a Foreign Language in the United States, Europe and Africa. I hold a Master of Arts in History with a specialization in Public History and am currently working on a PhD in Anthropology.

I believe it is essential that teachers students and parents all work together to make sure everyone achieves his or her potential. Please feel free to contact me anytime before 10pm should you or your child have any questions about assignments.

My first year in Egypt has been amazing and I have the BEST students! I am the faculty advisor for the Key Club, a service organization, and the students at AIS have been very active in community service projects this year. Some of these projects include planting a garden at an Egyptian public school, donating clothes, blankets, vitamins and supplements to the South Sinai Desert Relief Project,hosting a course and  becoming certified in first Aid by the American Red Cross, planting gardens at the school in Garbage City, and raising money for the cancer hospital, Resela, and the food bank. The students’  sense of social justice and willingness to help others is inspiring and I could not be more proud of them! We are the first Key Club in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East! Please check out out facebook page for more information.


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